Guy Vernes – La Cassette with DJ Rové

roveEvery other week, Dutch Street Fashion brand Guy Vernes invites a different DJ to make a twenty minute mix. This week it was DJ Rové’s turn. A perfect moment to ask the CIC group signed DJ some questions to see what he is all about.

What do you want to bring to the table as a DJ?

I want to inspire my audience and have them listen to my vision on dance music. I interact with the audience, but I want to stay pure and be myself at all times. Don’t expect any hit parade stuff, but funky beats with melodic basslines with references to old skool classics. I want my audience to get all hyped up and when they leave, they should feel like they’ve ‘learned’ something about dance music. I strive to always bring something new and to keep finding the biggest and baddest records.

2012 vs 2013?

Last year was a good year for me as a DJ. I played at several festivals in The Netherlands and France. I had a lot of gigs like the Social Club, Westerunie and Club NL. I even started my own company called Vurbz. You will here more about that during ADE 2013. Be on the lookout for my two new tracks which are about to be released this summer.

What is your connection to fashion?

I graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI – Fashion Management) in 2007. Fashion has always been part of my life. It’s not so much about what people write in magazines, or what hipsters look like, it’s about personal style. To me fashion is about making the right combinations and stand out from the rest with great taste. Just like my record collection, my wardrobe is very different. I rather come up with something new instead of following a trend.

Listen to DJ Rové’s mix on soundcloud.