Tapaz: delicious place to eat out in Malta

We at the Quan love Malta. Don’t ask us why, ¬†because at first sight there seem to be many better places than this little rocky Island in the Mediterranean to go to on holiday or for a short weekend break. But once you feel the sun, discover the hidden places tourists normally don’t go, you tast the delicious food, embrace the atmosphere and mingle with the loud but warmhearted locals, Malta will be forever in your heart. Here is where you find friendship for life, slow living and…the best restaurants. What more do you want out of life?

When you look for a great place to have lunch (okay, diner is also great there, but lunch is more quiet), take your ass off the beach and go to St. George’s Bay in Paceville. You will find a trendy, but not too Zen kindish Mediterranean fusion restaurant, near to the Cinema on Triq Santu Wistin called Tapaz. Here you can eat an amazing variety of Italian, Spanish and other Mediterranean small dishes and compliment your food with very good wine. The waiters are friendly and the atmosphere is smooth. Whenever you are in Malta, don’t forget to visit this place.