Soefian el Hassnaoui in Dutch government campaign against criminality

Sparta soccer player Soefian el Hassnaoui is one of the four main stars in the campaign ‘’ of the Dutch government. Together with Ajax soccer player Ricardo van Rhijn, national team basketball player Chip Jones and baseball international Raily Legito, Soefian el Hassnaoui stars in a videoclip, on the website and on billboards.

The purpose of the campaign is to show youngsters that discipline and success are linked and that you have a better choice in life than just the street life. Only you decide who you are is the direct English translation of the projects name and its main aim is to get kids into sports clubs and encourage them to play sports on regular basis instead of becoming involved in criminal activities.

The four top athletes in the campagne give free clinics against criminality and help the government to keep young people away from street life. The kids that attend the clinics, can become a member of a sports club and are offered to stay in contact with the athletes .We at the Quan are proud of Soefian for helping the Dutch government in this campaign. Every top athlete and public figure has a certain responsibility towards society to help other people and Soefian is doing a good job with his aid to this campaign.

Watch the site and the video of Soefian el Hassnaoui and the other athletes at: