The new designer World Business Class by KLM

I remember when flying was a special event. When people would dress up to get on a plane. I know I did. That’s when my love for flying began. Even my favourite song became my favourite song because I heard it a few times on a KLM DC-10 as a little boy. KLM was my favourite airline. I remember loving the royal blue colours and the crown logo. I drew it all the time. Nowadays, there are some spectacular airlines who offer great service and entertainment features, but I can’t help my dreamy stare when I see a full inter-continental flight crew walk by at the airport all dressed in royal blue uniforms.

And now, KLM has completely revamped its World Business Class. Dutch design icon Hella Jongerius is responsible for the design of the interior and I must say she and her team have done a terrific job. The new KLM World Business Class is full of great design features like beautiful fabrics and a tasteful colour palette. But most people will fall for the 180 degrees full flat bed seat; finally KLM! There is also a big 17 inch screen in front of you and a power outlet for your laptop. Fantastic.


Hella Jongerius is not the only Dutch designer KLM worked with. The tableware is by Marcel Wanders and the amenity kits are by Victor and Rolf. KLM is making a real statement by associating the brand to the best Dutch designers and I really love that.

KLM will be fitting these new World Business Class interiors into their cabins starting with the 747-fleet early 2014. I can’t wait and I want to thank KLM for making flying with them special again. I’m sure that when I step into this new cabin, I will feel just like that little boy again.

You can experience the new Wold Business Class online at