Vouliagmeni: perfect hide-away holiday place

We like to tell people about the good things in life. Don’t question that. But sometimes it takes an effort to give away a secret holiday destination. Coz isn’t it such good feeling when you are somewhere and there is no-one around that speaks your native language? And isn’t it even better when there are only just the right people at the place that you chose so carefully to spent your well deserved days off?¬†Vouliagmeni is such a place. This secret peninsula only 15 minutes drive down south (by taxi) from Athens has everything one needs out of life. Sun, private beaches, deep blue see, the best hotels and an amazing strip of surprisingly good restaurants. To party, to go shopping or to see some ancient Greek culture, just take that same taxi, drive up north again and go wild in Athens.

In Vouliagmeni you find wealthy Athenians at the weekends (the kind that heard about the crisis but never noticed that it was really there, except for that they had to wait a bit longer for their new yacht to be delivered) and tourists that looked just a bit further than the first travel agency around the corner, during the week. It is trendy, no doubt, but not too much. The people are friendly, the houses in the hills are magnificent, they always serve iced-water with your drinks and the atmosphere is calm but always with that promise of excitement.

The best hotels are definitely the five star Westin Astir palace Beach Hotel and the Arion Resort & Spa, both with their own private beaches. Alongside the beach there are several interesting restaurants, but our favorite hang-out place is the little restaurant strip at Agios Panteleimonos (parallel to the main road Leoforos Poseidonos) where it is possible to eat till late after midnight (Something that we all miss so much in Northern Europe).

So what can we say, just go there and take the best company with you (or try to find it there). You may even thank us afterwards, but please, don’t tell too many people.