Why the Frauscher 1017 Lido is our boat of choice

Forget those old fashioned open boats we call “sloep” in The Netherlands. Yes, they can be very classy, especially with the brown rope wrapped around the edge of the navy blue body, but it is kinda stuck in time. Why not consider getting one of these: The Frauscher 1017 Lido. It is one of the latest models conceived by the high-end boat maker from Austria. The great thing about this boat is that you can use it as a speedboat where you are allowed to go fast and because of the open lounge layout it is great for cruising the canals in Amsterdam slowly, sipping on some Champagne like you’re used to. But most importantly, it looks amazing! The clean lines and the fine choice of materials give it a striking appearance. It is the modern equivalent to a Riva in Lago di Como without being retro. A true modern classic. That’s why we love it.

Some specifications:
length: 999 cm, width: 299 cm,
engines: Choose between 2 x 300 – 400 hp
seat 10 persons
Price: starting at €289.800

Images: Frauscher