Copenhagen Fashion Week report

The Quan was at Fashion Week Copenhagen this year, to look at some CiC models working, meet with a couple of brands, support fashion blogger Lara Rose and ok, admitted, maybe to party a bit in between…Normally we are not like that of course, we always work hard and are very serious..but sometimes it just happens to you and you can’t do anything..

We visited the trade fairs Vision, Gallery and CIFF and we attended the shows of the designers Marimekko, Stine Ladefoged and Ganni. We enjoyed the events, the crowd and the city. Because Copenhagen has ¬†something special. The inner harbour, the parks, the squares and down town city are modern, stylish, but still in some way there is also a ‘small-village-like’ atmosphere in the biggest city of Denmark, which gives Copenhagen its own identity, which many cities these days seem to lack more and more.

The shows of the Finnish brand Marimekko and the Danish designer Stine Ladefoged were in the City Hall, while Ganni had a special breakfast included presentation in a secluded patio in the inner city centre. Every show we saw had something special, was good in its own way. Marimekko was colorful and warm, while Ganni had chosen for a special approach, one of calmness and serenity so everyone attending had time and eye for the collection. The Danish designer Stine Ladefoged struck us with her collection in an explosive and big show. She made us take our plane back with a satisfied feeling after running around for three days in a row. So yes, Copenhagen fashion week was a good experience indeed. One we can recommend to everyone.