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You’ve probably seen this one before, because it’s a classic. Our football players have already mastered this to some extend and so have our tennis teachers. We at the Quan are evangelists of this belief, so in order to get to know eachother a little better why don’t you give it a watch?

We congratulate Peet Bijen (17) on his newly signed contract with FC Twente. At the age of eleven, Peet got scouted at amateur club BWO in Hengelo. Nowadays he is a defender for FC Twente A1 as well as the ‘Jong FC Twente’ team. At the Quan we are always curious about what drives talent [...]

Cameron Russel is a smart lady. The Victoria’s Secret model gives us her honest view on being a model in this intelligent TED talk. She compares becoming a model with winning the genetic lottery.

Lucas Woudenberg, one of CIC group’s most promising talents, had his debut today playing for Feijenoord in De Kuip stadium. He had a pretty good debut, showing off the reason why they call him Lucas The Vigorous. After the game we ask him why he thinks people call him that. “It’s because I always go [...]

In this section of the blog, both Andrew and Henk-Maarten will share their knowledge, insights and discoveries about the one thing that fascinates them the most: The psychology behind peak performance. We kick off by congratulating full-time professional tennis player Miliaan Niesten on winning the $10.000 Future in Hong Kong just before the end of [...]

After months of being injured, Guy Ramos – Eredivisie football player for RKC Waalwijk – is back and ready to go hard on the field after the winter break. While he was recovering, he grew a beard, telling to the world that he would only shave it off when he would be ready to play [...]

Just look at these beautiful bottles laying side by side in perfect harmony. My favourite Champagne and my favourite rehydration drink. I’ve been a fan of Dr Martin’s coconut water for quite some time now. It’s almost like drinking from the fresh young coconut. This pretty drink used to be available only in 500 ml [...]

We at the Quan care very much about your health. We want you to enjoy the winter break and do all the crazy stuff you like to do around the New Year. Therefore we’ve created a special juice to keep your body resistant against all the holiday randomness. All you need is a juicer and [...]

This clip from the movie Jerry Maguire explains why we were inspired to call ourself The Quan. “It means love, respect, community.. and the dollars too. The Quan.”